How a leading provider of multilingual Customer Experience automates the prioritizing of support tickets
Voxpro – powered by TELUS International, powers the Customer Operations of some of the world’s most disruptive and innovative global brands, including Airbnb, Google, MyHeritage and Robinhood.


Voxpro provides customer experience, technical support and sales operations solutions. Voxpro partners with some of the world’s most exciting and disruptive tech organizations to support their customers by delivering the world’s best customer experiences.

The company designs and delivers a range of business services for and on behalf of its partners, such as multilingual customer experience and technical support, trust and safety, risk and fraud prevention, social media management, sales, analytics and harnessing product insights. 

Voxpro’s success is its people. Their creativity and hunger deliver compassionate, clever and robust solutions. Their talent attracts great partners whose vision engages its people.

Voxpro works with partners who evolve from disruptive tech startups to global giants, helping them to scale internationally and to deliver a beautiful customer experience to their customers with every interaction.

Stephen Hegarty, Global VP of Operations and General Manager, has driven commercial growth and scale through product and service innovation.

“Our fast growing Clients’ commercial success often means we deliver a number of innovative solutions centred around ‘Beautiful Customer Experience’ (BCX) in a very short period of time. In a move to bring additional innovation to a specific client, Voxpro recently turned to Cx MOMENTS and their highly innovative AI solutions” 

The use of the Cx MOMENTS with seamless integration with Zendesk aided the discovery of recurring and trending themes in their customer interactions.

More specifically focusing on support tickets, Sophia Castaldo, Team Manager at Voxpro, managed to prioritize 1,700 tickets on the first day. 

“With Cx MOMENTS I managed to automatically discover the topics associated to my tickets, so I could assign them to the right agents with the right priority” says Sophia. “The most difficult topics were assigned to the more experienced agents, while the rest was prioritized and allocated based on the nature of each ticket, setting goals and targets for resolution to each agent”. 

After prioritizing and resolving, Voxpro’s next goal is to use Cx MOMENTS to give deep insights in to their partners business, so that tickets raised by customers can be proactively avoided before they occur.

Used in the right way, AI not only helps provide better customer experience, better customer support, but also enables a CX team to proactively detect and report what needs improvement in the products or services areas.   

As Stephen says, “We like to think of each of our clients as partners, working with innovative companies such as Cx MOMENTS is key in our approach”

“We like to think of each of our clients as partners, working with innovative companies such as Cx MOMENTS is key in our approach”




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