Augmenting customer conversations into actionable insights

Cx Moments creates new perspectives from your existing customer engagements. Quickly drive business decisions across support, product, sales and marketing


Explore new insights, issue trends and customer conversations in seconds. Cx Moments unique AI solution augments your existing customer conversations to give new perspectives on existing data. See what matters to your customers, find their pain points and trend new and recurring problems in just a few clicks.


Use your new insights to streamline how your business drives change. Quickly report on the problems facing customers and route issues to the right team at the right time. See changes in customer attitudes and problems as they happen and fix customer issues before they become a business problem.


Open the lines of communication inside your organisation. Create a team mentality across support, product, marketing and sales to build a customer-centric brand. Drive product roadmaps, manage brand reputation, customer relationships from customer conversations


Cx Moments is fully integrated into a range of helpdesks including Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and Salesforce. Don’t see your helpdesk here? Don’t worry, you can load your helpdesk data via CSV as well.

Cx Moments provides easy integration with your helpdesk solution
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