Instant insights from customer support

Find the true volume and trend of issues in your conversations. See a full view of the issues, topics, keywords and sentiment that are already inside your customer support conversations

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For Support

Find the issues that matter most to your customers

Automatically tag tickets that are missing tags
Automate workflows
Report on your support team with confidence

For Product

Build a customer-centric roadmap with tangible data

Trend issues and requests to build your roadmap
Prioritise bug fixes
Drive proactive fixes and features

Automatically tag untagged tickets

Between 15 and 60 percent of your customer tickets could be completely untagged. These tickets could contain valuable insights into customer issues or the true volumes of issues. Use AI and NLP to find and tag these tickets instantly


Instant Insights

See the issues that matter to your customers. Get a true volume and trend of issues and see what cases are taking up your agents time.

Report in confidence on the scope of customer support cases, knowing that the tickets are being tagged by our AI platform.

See the drivers by department

Get a clear view of the issues broken down by department and products. Drill down into the issues per department and escalate tangible data to other departments with one click.



Cx Moments integrates into all major helpdesks and also has a csv option available so that you can get started with Cx Moments in minutes.

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