When it comes to trends and fads in customer support there are many promises but very few lead to big improvements in customer service. They all promise to give a glimpse into “what customers want,” but end up leaving us wanting more.

There’s a new trend though that is growing in popularity that could change all of that, Customer first marketing. It looks to build a real relationship with the customer and your business and make them feel as though their needs are being met. It is about moving away from the idea we have of our “customer” today as a mindless number or statistic that makes up our sales.

Marketing Sherpa released a comprehensive study in 2016 into what measures contributed most to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors to aim for when looking at customer first marketing, and the insights from the study show a very revealing path toward the end goal.

Looking at satisfied customers we can see that making the customer feel like they are important too, and have a relationship with the company is key to a good experience. Contrast this with the number one reason for unsatisfied customers and you get “The company does not put my needs and wants above their own business goals.

But it’s not just about giving yourself a nice pat on the back, if you can make the customer feel important and that they have a relationship with your company, they’ll not only continue to purchase from you but also highly recommend you to others.

So how can you provide customer first marketing in your business, providing highly targeted and proactive outreach to your customers based on issues they may be having? Using AI to analyse your support data can help.

You already have the data hidden in all of your support interactions, you just need a way of analysing it, finding customers with specific issues and engaging with them to help solve their problems, learn from their issues and keep them as a loyal customer.

Using natural language processing and machine learning techniques, AI can now analyse all of your support teams data from emails, chats and messages and tag each of these tickets with highly specific tags helping to give you a granular view of your customers issues. This data can then be used to create tags which go directly into your Zendesk Connect instance.

From here highly specific outbound campaigns can be created that help to solve your customer’s issue or recent upset. This is the heart of customer first marketing, building that relationship with the customer so that they feel their business is important and that their needs are put ahead of the business.

You can have the inside scoop on what customers need want and expect. Cx MOMENTS leverages the information you already have within your Zendesk tickets in order to help you design the journey that’s right for each customer.

Freshly, a fast-growing food-tech startup, and the largest fresh prepared delivery service in the US already incorporates customer first marketing and Cx MOMENTS to advance their customer retention and win back outreach efforts.

They use the data found with Cx MOMENTs AI to treat each customer as an individual with individual concerns. The granular analysis of all customer conversations enables Freshly to initiate well-targeted and proactive outbound engagements via Zendesk’s product “Connect.” The tight integration between Cx MOMENTS and Zendesk creates target customer segments that can then be used by Zendesk Connect outreach campaigns to follow up with specific users based on their specific concerns.

Users who have complained about highly specific issues like problems with the plastic sleeve on the packaging or a certain dish tasting too salty can finally be found within the mountain of customer support tickets that come in. They can then be grouped in Zendesk Connect and receive a personal follow up, helping to make them feel as though their needs are being met, whilst providing valuable customer feedback to try and improve areas of the business from within.

Customer first marketing isn’t just a new fad or buzz word, it is a way of making the customers’ needs the priority in business, as they should be. When a customers’ need is put first everyone wins and Cx MOMENTS and Zendesk Connect can help your business to treat every customer as an individual efficiently and automatically. You get happy loyal customers who feel listened to that will continue to buy from you and recommend you to others. Your customers get a business that cares about what they have to say and looks to continually improve.