We’ve gathered a huge amount of data in recent times from our customers and it seems there’s a big problem in the support world. You have a huge challenge to tackle to deliver top quality support. What we have found is that the typical support team could save themselves 237 working days a year. How?

By using an AI solution for customer support.

Check out this video to see how this happens and what your support team can do to combat this.

With an average of over 200,000 enquiries a year, a customer support team would need 237 days just to read tickets. Thats without troubleshooting or investigation. Or responding to the tickets. And with all 200,000 enquiries on average only 8 tags are used. 

Check out how our AI reads your support tickets in a little more depth. You can also see how you can start automating your workflows. Save your team 237 days and sign up for a free trial.