Customer Support Managers know how difficult it is to run a report that tracks genuine customer support activity, because so many support tickets are created by automated messages, out-of-office replies, spam and so on. These “fake” customer tickets will skew your activity reports, mixing and confusing agent activity with automated messages.

Cx MOMENTS has specialised its AI solution to help Customer Support activity, and this is one of the problems we are solving.

The first challenge is to identify these tickets. Our AI will catch many different ways automated messages or notifications are formulated. For example, we will catch all sorts of out-of-office replies, from “I no longer work here” to “I’ll be away from my emails for…”. We will also catch all sorts of other automated messages and notifications such as “email was not delivered”, “call logs”, etc.

The second challenge is to display this segmentation in a simple and intuitive way.

Cx MOMENTS have developed its dashboard based on the feedback of 100s of Support Managers, who have taught us two things:

– They do not want to learn a new BI tool and waste time configuring reports.

– They know their agents do not tag correctly the tickets, and, anyway, nobody wants to waste their time tagging automated messages and junk mail.

In Cx MOMENTS Dashboard, you can create a Tab for each category of tickets you want to track. For example, you can display separate tabs for genuine Inbound customer queries (e.g. “How do I do this or that”), for outbound agents messages (“Your flight is confirmed”), and for automated messages (“out of office”, etc).

The third challenge is to make this segmentation available in your Helpdesk solution, to enable automation, closing, routing, etc. Read our blog “Automatic tagging of Zendesk and Freshdesk Support Tickets” to see how we tag our AI-detected topics back into Zendesk or Freshdesk tickets to enable automated triggers and Observer rules.

In summary, Cx MOMENTS enables Customer Support Managers to run support ticket reports that focus on real agent activity and ignore out-of-office notifications and other automated messages.

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