AI Helpdesk reporting helps you uncover the data you already have from your customers on what they want to be built next to and what they think needs fixing. Without it, product development is often a stab in the dark.

Deciding what goes on your roadmap requires tough decisions and painful trade-offs. Should you build those exciting new products or features your team has dreamt of? Or should you use customer feedback and build around existing customer problems? Very often you need a combination of both. As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve As Steve Jobs famously said “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” and this is true of innovation, but does not mean you should go in blind building whatever comes to mind. Continual customer feedback throughout the process is vital unless you want to turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out turn out like Ford’s Edsel!

But if you are going to try and take customer input, how would you bring together all of the needed data to make an informed decision? AI Helpdesk reporting solution can help to provide your development team with the information they need to build features to solve your customers’ most common problems and make informed decisions on what will work next.

But how:

Previously working in a Saas company we tried our best to try to answer our customers most common issues. Every week, our product management team would try to read through hundreds of customer conversations with our support team to try and get a sense of what customers were complaining about. As our support team talked with customers they would try and tag every conversation with a category (e.g. UX issue, bug, feature request), and then tag the team that owns that area of the product. This was a start, but with so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few so few tags being regularly used it meant the granularity of the categorizing was really broad.

Once a week, then our PMs would scan the customer conversations in their category and reach out to customers directly to learn more. Every few months they would also take all of the conversations, try to analyse them and make a “to do” list of the most common customer problems.

It’s a lot of work!

If only we had a way to do all of this long-winded and time-consuming process automatically. Well, it turns out AI Helpdesk reporting solutions that analyse your Zendesk and Freshdesk data are able to provide your development team with all of this information in an instant.

Your customers are constantly leaving you information and advice on how to be a better business in every conversation they have with your support team. Until now its been so difficult though to access that only the really dedicated development teams even try. When they do, it is so time-consuming and laborious that it’s no longer worth it.

AI Helpdesk reporting solutions like Cx MOMENTS solve this issue. By automatically tagging all tickets that enter support teams Helpdesk against 1000s of possible tags, you automatically have the granularity to see issues which may only make up a small volume of the total support tickets that come in but are causing big issues with your customers. You also get to see top issues that need attention immediately.

Your team is now armed with:

1. the number of tickets for each issue,

2. their trend over time,

3. their satisfaction score

4. and every ticket associated with it.

Now you can begin building the features and products your customer really need based on real customer feedback, not just a hunch from flicking through piles of tickets.

But it gets better:

Not only that but you can also easily begin proactively engaging with customers who have had a specific issue to try and get even more information on the problem and how best to solve it. Your product roadmap can now be informed based on what the people want, helping you to ship better products and features and keep your customers happy.

The information is all there in your support teams Helpdesk, you just need the right AI Helpdesk reporting solution to dig it all out. After that, you have a secret weapon to help you build the right product and save your teams countless hours of trying to read through support conversation.

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