As technology advances, we are met with more and more possibilities to improve support productivity and better help our customers. Artificial intelligence has become one of these tools which are now at the disposal of customer support teams. There is a host of different challenges and processes which you can use AI to augment your support capabilities.

The first approach is to use reputable Bot Platforms such as Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft Bot Framework to automate responses to recurring, simple queries.

These solutions are great when it comes to serving your KB articles, but they face 2 challenges.

Customers sometimes ask for more than just a simple pre-canned answer, and we will see further down in this blog post how to extend this front-end automation to real back-end Business Process Automation.

Bots learn from their mistakes, but this takes time. If only you could train them with much more data at start, wouldn’t it be great? Well, this is exactly what we are going to explain next.

The big thing that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning need is data.

Lucky for you, support teams have a lot of data. They receive thousands of support tickets every week.

Turning your qualitative customer conversations into quantitative data is the first step in taking advantage of your support data and using it to improve your support productivity and build out entire automated processes to help your customers even faster. Customers come to you with questions and Artificial Intelligence can help provide the right answers as quickly as possible.

To assist you in the entire automation process, Cx MOMENTS have broken this process into 4 simple steps explaining how you can build out support process automation.

1. Select the Customer Issues or Reasons to Contact

Knowing your customer’s top reasons to contact and how these are trending over time is vital to select which processes and customer issues to try and automate. Having data on the number of monthly tickets, customer satisfaction and time spent by your team on the customer issue is also important in getting buy-in from management to undergo such a project. With Cx MOMENTS the history of your tickets are analysed with AI, providing you with a detailed and highly accurate view of why your customers are calling. From here you can find an issue which may be taking up a significant portion of your teams time, which may be a good candidate for process automation.

2. Find and Use Real Customer Queries to Train the Bot’s AI

In order to build an automated process or chatbot, such as Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft Bot Framework, you need to implement what is known as supervised machine learning. Supervised learning is so named because the data scientist (or customer support team!) acts as a guide to teach the algorithm what conclusions it should come up with. It’s similar to the way a child might learn to count from a teacher. Supervised learning requires that the algorithm’s possible outputs are already known and that the data used to train the algorithm is already labelled with correct answers.

Supervised machine learning algorithms uncover insights, patterns, and relationships from a labelled training dataset – that is, a dataset that already contains a known value for the target variable for each record. Because you provide the machine learning algorithm with the correct answers for a problem during training, it is able to “learn” how the rest of the features relate to the target, enabling you to uncover insights and make predictions about future outcomes based on historical data.

For example, a classification algorithm will learn to identify animals after being trained on a dataset of images that are properly labelled with the species of the animal and some identifying characteristics

Cat Eyes

This can be an arduous task, often left to teams of data scientists, but with Cx MOMENTS we have taken much of the work of building a labelled dataset out. Our AI provides you with your customers reasons to contact and every ticket related to this intent. This means we have already generated the training dataset for your automation bot, whether it is Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft Bot Framework.

Cx MOMENTS ML Training User Interface enables agents to rapidly tag customer conversations to train the Bot AI. It’s actually as simple as this:

And as Cx MOMENTS Analytics has already pre-built a long list of support tickets that best match the label(s) you are training on, users simply confirm if each conversation matches the label or not, and the next one comes up instantly. In the space of 5 to 10 minutes, you can have a verified dataset of 200 tickets to train up your automation bot. This process can simplify and speed up the process by 2-5 times and saves you reading through countless tickets to build your training dataset.

Cx MOMENTS then makes this training dataset directly available to the top Bot platform of your choice, such as Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft Bot Framework. You can use these to build your conversational workflows once they are trained on recognizing the customers’ intents.

Helpdesk to automate business process

4. Automate Support Processes beyond Helpdesk

Now that your Bot AI has been trained to understand the customer queries, another challenge arises: very often, customers do not only ask for pre-canned answers taken from your KB (Knowledge Base). They sometimes need “things to be done”, or “checked” well beyond your Helpdesk’s internal information repositories. For example, checking an order status could get 2 answers:

– the easy one is to send back a KB article explaining how to find it yourself. We’ve seen with many of our deployments that actually most of these queries come from customers that have already tried this.

– the proper answer is… get this answer! Verify the order, get the tacking order, select the shipper, request delivery status and serve the answer back to the customer, or escalate to an agent if an order or delivery exception arises.

For this, Cx MOMENTS also integrates with major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Salesforce, Magento or Opencart, helping you to self-help your customer even more.

Automating business process

For example, Cx MOMENTS can assist you in automating the common customer query of order status. Customers contact your support team asking where their order is and today, your team needs to answer this as quickly as possible. They need to obtain the customers’ order number if it has not yet been provided, and then need to check the order status with the e-commerce platform you may be using. Finally, they relay this information back to the customers. It’s a simple but repetitive task which takes up agents time that could be better spent solving harder customer issues.

Cx MOMENTS can automate this entire process. Cx MOMENTS will integrate with your Helpdesk to read customer tickets as they come into your support team. We then integrate with Google Dialog flow which handles conversational flows based on the intent identified and grabs the customers order number. If the order number is not present, an automated response can be fired asking the customer for this information. Order status is then automatically checked with Shopify or any other integrated e-commerce platform and the information is sent straight back to the user.

Your customer gets the answer they are looking for almost instantly and your team didn’t have to lift a finger. This process was set up with very little effort and can save your team countless hours fielding commonly asked and simple tasks. There are countless recurring issues and commonly asked questions that you can start leaving to machines.

AI is perfectly suited to repetitive, menial tasks, leaving your support team more time to focus on the meaty stuff which will always exist. Aspect’s 2017 survey on the agent perception of chatbots found that 79% of agents feel that handling more complex customer issues improves their skills and offers more opportunities for career growth.


Cx MOMENTS assists in the integration, decision tree, training and analytics for your chatbot implementation making it even easier for you to answer your customers problems automatically.

Using cx MOMENTS ML training UI (user interface) you can quickly build a training dataset for your chatbot, whether it is Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft Bot Framework, train it on your support data and deploy it all by yourself.

Using Cx MOMENTS multi Helpdesk, Bot Framework and eCommerce platform integrations, you can rapidly deploy automation using your existing platforms.