Cx Moments AI solution analyzes customer support interactions to automatically detect and trend unstructured text data. This includes customer queries, issues, product mentions and so on in your Zendesk and Freshdesk data. It gives great and simple-to-use dashboard views of the topics it detects.

Cx Moments can also apply these topics as tags into Freshdesk, Freshservice or Zendesk Support tickets. This enables you to set observer rules or triggers in your Helpdesk, to automate (for example) the assigning of specific tickets to specific agent groups, or prioritize certain types of tickets in a backlog queue.

Here is an example of how our customers use automatic tagging: delivery problems must be handled by the delivery specialists agents

Your customers do not always say the word “delivery” to complain about delivery issues. So a simple feature like Zendesk auto tagging will not be enough. For example, they could say “my order was not delivered”, “nothing arrived yet”, “my dress was never shipped”, “still waiting for my books”, etc. This is no problem for Cx Moments AI. All these tickets will be detected and trend as “Order not delivered”. For Zendesk or Freshdesk users this automatic tagging is a game-changer.

Customers also mention other delivery problems, such as “courier did not call ahead”, “left the parcel unattended”, and so on. These are also delivery issues which we might classify as “Courier quality issues”.

When tickets mention these types of issues, our customers regularly ask us to apply an AI tag such as “cxm_delivery” onto the Freshdesk or Zendesk tickets so that these get automatically routed to the agent group “Shipping agents”. This helps your support team to increase efficiency by automating the process. And it helps you streamline your processes.

It’s as simple as that, and it really helps. Have a look and try it with your own support tickets!