Instant insights from your customer conversations

Prioritise your actions on what hurts your customers and your business the most. In just a few clicks, analyze 100,000's of customer support cases, tickets, live chats, agent notes and call transcripts.

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Improve and scale your customer support

Measure where customers experience the worst friction

Scale you support in peak times by routing easy queries to less experienced agents

Detect self service and automation opportunities

Build better products

Capture and categorise your customer feedback per product and feature.

Detect questions and problems with new products you just launched

Check that old issues are resolved, and detect new ones when they appear

Increase your revenue, reduce your costs

Find issues in new promotions as soon as they happen.

Understand what areas of your business cost the most in customer support

So what does it do for you? Glad you asked.

Spend less time tagging tickets

Tagging ticket manually is slow, cumbersome, and unreliable. So much so that up to 60% of your customer tickets could be left untagged by your customer service agents. And without reliable tags, it is impossible to track the true volumes of critical issues that hurt your customers and your business.

Cx Moments AI tags tickets better and faster than your agents, no matter how complex and granular your categorisation needs to be. And if you come up with a new tag or category, Cx Moments can automatically apply it to your whole ticket history.

Make your business better

Cx Moments automatically trends your customer issues and summarise them by area. Every Department can now see which of the customer issues they own drive the support activity.

One glance and a few clicks is all it takes to make your business better.

Improve your Customer Experience

Instantly see customer issues that are trending up and need your attention. Check who are your high performing “star” agents this month for each support area, and discover what type of issues your agents struggle the most with. And view which customer queries are the most avoided by your team, and will wait the longest in the queue.

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Cx Moments integrates into all major helpdesks and also has a csv option available so that you can get started with Cx Moments in minutes.

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